Wynne Systems Visual Identity

Wynne Systems is a B2B enterprise software company specializing in equipment rental solutions since 1991.

The established branding felt outdated and the color palette was similar to competitors and other companies in the space. Wynne also lacked a concrete visual identity, brand guidelines and templates that communicated a cohesive company image.

A new design system was developed over several months, which included brand fonts, a color palette, an icon and image library, and culminated in the launch of a reimagined company website that emphasized products and improved user flow.


Initial research conducted for the brand refresh included competitor and market research in order to make design decisions that serve to humanize and enhance the company image.

Internal research was also conducted, in which employees were asked what they thought and felt about Wynne and its products. Key words and a mood board were produced that are the resulting brand attributes and imagery that drove the design concepts.

Execution and Launch

The Wynne Systems visual identity was announced to the company and customers on October 13, 2021. An internal resource library containing updated components was introduced via company presentation, and a design department request form was launched to improve design/marketing workflow.

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